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PC Optimizer Pro Scam

This program provides the tools to optimize your PC's performance, but with the majority of its features disabled for the test, we had no method of meaningful if it performs as promised. What little bit we did get to knowledge proved to be sluggish and often times unresponsive.

PC Optimizer Pro has a simple user border. Menu commands for scanning your registry, erasing tracks, and shredding files run down the left side of the window. Every command's details and actions are displayed in the same window. No matter which command we selected, the program fast scanned and produced results. But implementing some action was another story. The program necessary that we enter our name and e-mail address, and ultimately, pay for the program before we could perform any of the cleaning and shredding actions. The Manage Startup feature did let us disable items from start-up, but we found the list of programs unfinished. Also, after scanning our registry, the program became unresponsive whenever we tried to select any found registry items for view.

A built in help feature is included with the program. Without being able to witness the full performance of this program's features, we can't provide it our recommendation. This is a category packed with options and we suggest you attempt out other programs that let you test all of its features.

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