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My Boat Plans Scam

My Boat Plans (MyBoatPlans) is a collection of 518 boat strategy, 45 videos on boat building and plenty of pages of illustrated instructions on boat building. It gives a complete package that contains all the plans and instructions that will assist you construct some type of boat you would like to build.

Gone are the days when you have to use up thousands of dollars for a profitable small engine-operated boat. We are in the age of DIY and the boat building industry has also known that. With My Boat Plans, you get access to all types of boat plans typically obtainable for a few hundred dollars for a fraction of the price.

My Boat Plans (MyBoatPlans) is an instantly downloadable product that you can look during right after sending in your payment. Aside from 518 specific plans for different types of boats, your buy will also include 40+ videos and four bonuses with more than $1000 of value.

This bonuses include a feature-rich, multi-license software program to create any type of floatable object (including a boat, of course), rare books on boat-building that were previously only accessible to professional boat-builders, an in-depth review of 107 boat designs, and a commercial boat-builder’s handbook on safety regulations and consumer fact sheets.

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