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Fat Loss 4 Idiots Scam

Fat Loss 4 Idiots is a new weight loss program for people who abhor doing work out. Gillbert Fuentes who was plugging away at creation Flash-based websites for themself as well as for others in the late 1990s is the creator of this Fat loss 4 idiots program. The passion of weight loss led him to create a series of websites, which relate to weight loss. In early 1998, after attractive a lot of years of tweaking and name changes, he introduced the essential formula called Fat loss 4 idiots.

Fat loss 4 idiots program has received ideas and feedback from users. The doubts are mostly around whether this program is a scam or not. The site Health Review Center has decided to buy this program and has given a full Fat loss 4 idiots review about it.

The full Fat loss 4 idiots Review on the website reveals that Fat loss 4 idiots are entirely a web-based diet program. On a diet such as this updated program, consumers might look at weight loss as well as a noticeable drop in metabolism. The good aspect of this new program is that there is no calorie counting or portion size control. Nevertheless, the diet plan food choices are restrictive and not appealing in many cases.

The program provides people with various food items, which includes vegetables, lean proteins and fruit. It also lists food items, which are fat sources such as eggs or cottage cheese. Fat Loss 4 Idiots method sets 4 meals a day as timetable. There is no curb counting or calorie in fast loss for idiots. Especially, after 11 days with meal plan of the program, consumers have 3 days for them to eat any food they want. Then, consumers have the next 11 days to start the schedule in the program again.

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