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Traffic Kaboom Scam

Traffic Kaboom assists you make links by syndicating articles that you submit. They have thousands of websites in their system that they publish your satisfied to, up to 3 articles a day (more if you add your own sites).

One very attractive and unique feature that TK has is it’s functionality as a video syndication program. You be able to embed Youtube videos within your posts which allows you to augment your video rankings simultaneously while you build your other rankings.

It seems to be diverse and in a good way as it actually looks like everything has been thought about from the user point of view and it really provides the feeling that I am using a specialized blog network. If that will be the case or not we will have to see, but that was my first impression and I know how much first impressions mean in our world.

The navigation inside the control panel can’t be easier. Everything is located on the left side of control panel screen and you can see in the above video review all the diverse options that are included inside these menus.

The menu is divided into 5 diverse menus to create things even more clear and easy to find. There is really no need for me to further give details whatever thing about the menus as I am sure it is pretty clear thanks to the above video and the screenshot image on the right. This is really big as it is something that doesn’t exist in any other blog network and also shows you that Traffic Kaboom is extra than just a plain blog system.

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