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The Fat Loss Factor Scam

Fat Loss Factor is not a cleansing program, however. It is a training system meant to teach people how to approach their lifestyle and adopt healthier ways of thinking about food and exercise. Consumers are encouraged to eat small meals regularly. They are taught which foods to select and which to avoid. The answers might not be what consumers were expecting, either. In the same way that frequent small meals are better for the metabolism, sessions of short but tough exercises are also effective for revving up the body’s fat burning system.

The package comes with several items, including ebooks and DVDs. Customers start by recording their weight and measurements which they accompany with a photograph. This will provide a regular means of comparing the past body with the current one as well as the encouragement to keep going with the diet. With the picture of his or her overweight self posted in a strategic place, it is simple to just peek at this once in a while once the weight is off so that the dieter never returns to a past of bad eating and sedentary habits.

The Fat Loss Factor is unlike other weight loss programs in a number of ways. Firstly, the program gets off by taking users through a two-week metabolism boosting phase that entails eating natural foods only. By sticking to an all-natural diet in the first two weeks of the program, you rid your body of harmful toxins that are abundant in a typical meal laden with processed food. Fat cells are a repository for toxins in the body, so this phase is aimed at eliminating those toxins. Fruit, vegetables, coconut oil, legumes, raw seeds and nuts are some of the natural foods on the two-week cleansing diet. In addition to natural foods, users are supposed to walk for a minimum of 30 minutes daily and up to a maximum of one hour.

According to Dr Charles, this program is unique in that users break down their ‘body and mind’ in the initial stages, and then spend the rest of the stages rebuilding it. This helps them to completely overhaul their lifestyles without being too drastic. More than 200,000 people from 107 countries around the world are claimed to have been helped with this program.

The second phase is the ‘master cleanse’ and lasts anywhere from 3 to 10 days. Like the two-week cleansing phase, the master cleanse phase is aimed at ridding your vital organs of toxins as well as building a healthy blood stream. In this phase, there are instructions for flushing out impurities from the digestive tract by using herbal laxative tea and the saltwater flush preparation.

However, before you get carried away with the cleansing routines, the Fat Loss Factor is not all about flushing impurities out of the body. It is a guide for a complete healthier lifestyle that emphasizes natural foods and smaller meals with a lot of physical activity. Admittedly, many users will not find what they expected because whatever is taught in this guide requires patience and consistence. As stated by the author, the program requires high levels of mental strength to go through with. People looking for quick fixes will certainly be disappointed.

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