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Sleeptracks Sleep Optimization Program Scam

Sleep Optimization program is a new technology developed by Yan Muckle designed to assist people who have insomnia or complexity sleeping at night. It claims it be able to let you fall sleeping in minutes instead of tossing around in bed for hours without the need for any drugs or sleeping pills.

The concept of SleepTrack is dependent on a proven technology that be able to work wonders with anyone's brain activity. It is established on an audio technology is called 'brainwave entrainment'. This technology has been used since the 80's to strengthen memory, augment focus and concentration, treat ADHD, depression and, among other things insomnia. The rhythmic nature of the pulses embedded into the audio sessions safely and gently guide your brain into sleep and assist it stay asleep.

An advantage of this technique over the usual sleeping pills that we take is that you don't develop dependence on them and they have no negative side effects. Unlike sleeping pills, they help you become healthier. This method has long-lasting effects so that income that you don't have to listen to them forever.

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