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Safe Mail Services Scam

Safe Mail Services is a function which helps we to mail over 96 million leads per month. The connection states which their work is filled with opt-in leads as well as enjoyable with SPAM laws. This protects we from eradicating in complexity with your ISP, web hosting company, as well as from removing blacklisted by a vital email operate providers.

Safe Mail Services runs what’s called a safelist. A safelist is a database of email recipients which have since agree to be mailed making it secluded to email. Usually safelists have been communities of marketers which have been mailing any other’s offers.

The business states that you be able to mail 3 million emails per day and that the recipients are all twice opt-in brings. When you login, you be able to go through the instructions on how to use their email tool. You be able to send your ads in either text or HTML. You be able to also embed flash, attachments and images into your emails without any problems.

Regular text is probably the best choice in order to get your emails delivered to the person’s inbox successfully. Since they’ve collected the names of the leads, you be able to personalize your email announcements for a better answer. If you want, you be able to save your emails on the site and use it for future email campaigns. You’re also safe from SPAM complaints because you are sending emails from their server.

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