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Miracle Mastery Scam

Miracle Mastery education you the less spoken of methods for telekinesis, curative and more, the author statements that you have a better possibility of succeeding. These methods are as of today pretty rare, and to quote Dave himself the common psychic perceptions are experienced as “side effects” as opposed to what he’ll educate you.

So, it’ll teach you what the author sees as the best methods of telekinesis, healing, finding a superior reason and things of that nature. Maybe it mechanism or not I do not know for I am yet to attempt the techniques brought up in Miracle Mastery, the statements in it are bold but the man is a known expert on the subject and seemingly respected in the psychic community.

It also talks about Lucid Dreaming and how it’s more or less a psychic training field, a place where you carry out your powers in order to become better in this “mortal realm” or however you want to name it.

Miracle Mastery claims that all physical psychic powers fall into one of three distinct classes and that once you know the basics of how a known class works, there is a straight-forward, clear progression to unlocking each of those connected abilities.

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