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Long Distance Relationship Scam

This book is a good initial point for people who are considering a long coldness relationship. It covers the basic problems LDR go through and provides readers significant things to consider before entering a LDR. Start with the fundamentals. Are both of you deeply committed to the relationship or is it just casual dating.

Chances are that if the relationship was not grave before the separation, the separation will make it worse. So establish at the outset, what phase your relationship is in. If you are serious and have been with each other for a long time, you will be able to provide the relationship the time and effort it requires throughout your time apart. If it’s casual, the effort will be a lot more, as will be the distractions and excuses.

In long distance relationships, couples drift apart because they can't perform activities together. Even if they stay in touch through phones and e-mails, it becomes boring and tedious after a while. Innovate and find out new ways of doing things together. Watch movies or television together. There are several websites from where you can stream. Play games together. Strategy games that you be able to put on hold and resume be able to be fun. Try to beat each other at virtual scrabble. Research something for him or her. You could look up his or her family history and share the link.

Have fun with Photoshop. Morph your girlfriend’s picture with Jim Morrision if she’s a fan. Or if your boyfriend has ever spoken a desire to be at a Sting concert, paste his face on one of the audience member’s body. You can go wholly crazy and do this with historical figures and events. For example, create him or her one of the people in the Boston tea party or in one of the World War photographs, etc.

Small gifts, cards and flowers can be very romantic and are easy to send. Personalize the gifts so he or she remembers you every time he or she looks at it. Papier mache dolls of both of you with characteristic clothes and accessories will always remind him or her of you. If you wear a blue sweater all the time, make the doll wear blue. If you have a tattoo, draw one on the doll. Anything that makes him or her think of you.

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