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Keyword Winner Scam

Keyword Winner makes the search trends from Google for a exacting keyword you enter and shows them. It then makes the quantity of backlinks that are pointing to the summit results for that keyword from Yahoo. It correlates this with the number of opposition sites for that keyword from Google and provides you a 3 colour implicit result on whether or not you have a ability at succeding of getting high results yourself.

To do what Keyword Winner does all you have to do is go to Google’s Keyword Tool and explore the term you were thoughts of trying to dominate on the search engines. Look at this data and see how a lot of people search for it monthly and locally.

Next, go to a (the top level version) and search for the keyword or keyphrase you are after. Take all of the top results and run tests on all using a backlinks checker (Google that term to find the latest working version) and take note of that information.

Now that you have these 2 bits of info you be able to now critic for yourself (based on how powerful your site is) maybe it have a chance of ranking for that keyword. If you are up next to a load of weak sites that aren’t really anything to do with that keyword, or if you are up against sites that have the keyphrase in the name but not in the order you are chasing after or near the start of the page title then you should have a good chance of ranking.

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