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Green App Machine Scam

The green app machine is a product bent by Peng Li (a.k.a Dylan Chan.) If you have been in the world Internet Marketing for a while, then the name might sound a bit familiar yes, Peng Li is the brother of the ClickBank master and Internet Marketing Guru Peng Joon and coincidentally, he had a not so good background as his brother - being sucked into the World of Warcraft addiction and so on.

The inspiration for the product came from some attractive facts about mobile apps, like the enormous number of smart phone users all over the world. Accordingly, there are over billions of smart phone users all over the world right now, every one downloading free and paid apps every now and then.

The green app machine enables you to tap into this wide and diverse international market, and so if you are able to make an app using the green app machine, you can basically use the mobile app to promote your business or sell it in order to make some fast cash. The green app machine is basically a system that will help you create mobile apps that you can use for your own business or monetize by selling. There are a variety of mechanism of the green app machine.

The green app machine includes a software that enables you to create apps that are not only good -looking but relevant and useful as well. With a little creativity, you be able to make mobile apps that can rank high in Google Play using this software.

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