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Government Auctions Scam

There's amazing about an auction that gets people's blood flowing. Gets their profit flowing, too. People part with thousands of dollars because they feel like they've "won" something rather than "bought" something. They often overpay. You can bid your way to a discount at an auction, as long as you remember an old warning with a new twist bidder beware.

Government auctions are so popular that copycats try to create their auctions appear like government auctions to lure clients. This is just one of many seedy tactics used by travelling auctions held in hotel rooms and other rotating sites. Travelling auctions usually advertise in newspapers or send out direct mail.

Unschooled readers may miss the fine print and mistake this for a government auction. It's a ploy. All it means is that the travelling auctioneer himself attended a government auction and purchased one or two things that he's now going to try to re-sell at a huge mark up. That's if he attended a government auction at all.

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