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Clickbank Pirate Scam

Programs that will legitimately educate you the abilities essential to create a living in affiliate marketing will provide elaborate video lessons that educate you every step in the procedure. These videos are sometimes over an hour extensive every because, sometimes, that’s just what it requires to learn. Some of these programs have many and many of videos in their files. Now that you recognize what a good program looks like.

Clickbank Pirate provides you a PDF guide that has manifold text based education condensed into one file. Every topic that would be educated using several lengthy videos in a legitimate affiliate marketing program are taught using an average of 2-5 paragraphs each. At this point in this review, you can think I’m exaggerating.

In the CB Pirate program, Soren and Cindy provide you more than a few affiliate offers that you be able to promote. If you’re new to affiliate marketing, you can not catch exactly what’s going on here.

So is CB Pirate the right program for you? Definitely not. Unless you enjoy receiving ripped off, you should avoid this product like a plague. The teaching materials are a joke and someone is taking a chunk of your hard earned commissions.

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