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Ad Trackz Gold Scam

Ad Trackz Gold is an ad tracking resolution that will allow you to save money and time while increasing your sales and marketing responses. You will be able to see exactly how your a variety of advertising comapaigns are performing so that you be able to use your time and money on the kinds that are in fact producing the profits that you want. No more killing time and money on marketing that is not performing.

The fresh Ad Trackz Gold edition can change all your existing keyword campaigns into tracking urls automatically, just by satisfying out a questionnaire. The whole procedure calls for just 5-10 minutes even if you have hundreds of keywords. The trouble is, even if you cover your url behind a simple html redirection, or even, an encrypted redirection, a few affiliate programs still explain your ID relating to the hallway page.

But not so by earnings of Ad Trackz Gold, your affiliate ID is completely hidden as of the visitor. Imagine if you are normally creation $1000/week, and you change types own headline and double types own conversion speed. Your traffic stays a similar, the quantity of work you put into your business stays a similar, but somehow, you are now producing $2000/week.

When you download the Ad Trackz Gold script, you will obtain 1 free installment on unlimited domain license. There’s as well the Developer version with unencrypted source-code. You be able to as well avail of other Ad Trackz Gold services, such as the WordPress plugin, hosting, and set up repair.

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